• Dimensions:  26"(H) x 16.25"(W) x 7"(D)
  • No batteries required - the magic happens with our nifty, patent-pending rotator
  • Material: ABS Resin, anti-rust 
  • Capacity: 50 pads / 50 tampons 
  • Color: Chrome, white accents 
  • Mounting: Mounting plate and screws included 
  • Cartridges: Our patent-pending cartridges stack, so there is never a need to throw away a partial cartridge 
  • Lifetime Warranty: We know that Mother Nature isn’t going away, so neither are we
  • A warranty agreement will be sent over before the delivery of your dispenser. Please contact hello@goauntflow.com for any questions about the warranty.

Watch the Model E Overview, Installation & Refilling video:

  • Dispenser is ADA Compliant when placed at an appropriate height and place
  • Languages included on the dispenser: English, French, Braille
  • Meets NY, CA, NH, VA and IL state requirements for schools

Use these files to help design a bathroom with the Aunt Flow free-vend dispenser!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Found at University of Cincinatti

Spotted this dispenser when I was at University of Cincy and was really impressed with the schools' commitment to students. I know this really would have helped me if my college made these available when I was a student. Way to go UC and all of the colleges that have implemented Aunt Flow.

David Crane

We put this into our new bathrooms in our 1926 era building. It has been a huge hit!

Cynthia Gunderson
Model E Dispenser feedback

We really like the dispenser minus one aspect. We really wish there was a way to limit the amount of tampons and pads per user. We love the ability to provide free tampons and pads, but some people simply aren't respectful and pull out a bunch unnecessarily.

golden ghoul
easy breezy

This dispenser is lovely because we can fill it and not worry about restocking everyday. Our clients love the free access and privacy of these dispensers

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